Current and Potential Riparian Forest Conditions Along Scott River Watershed Tributaries

In February 2005, members of the Scott River TMDL technical advisory group met in Ft. Jones, California, to review a number of elements of the ongoing work performed by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, including their affiliates. The TAG members had the opportunity to review...

Managing Water Temperature TMDLs Under Economic and Environmental Uncertainty

This paper presents an empirical model for analyzing the economics of information acquisition and adaptive watershed management. An empirical application drawn from the Total Maximum Daily Load standard implemented to control in-stream water temperature pollution for the Navarro River watershed...

Geospatial Risk Assessment of North Coast Watersheds in California

Researchers at the Information Center for the Environment (ICE) are using ArcGIS to inventory and monitor environmental risks to California’s north, coastal watersheds. In collaboration with state agencies, ICE has created a comprehensive GIS for selected watersheds in which water quality...

Agricultural water use accounting through water footprints

A water footprint (WF) is defined as the volume of water consumed to produce a good or render a service, calculated over the entire supply chain of the product. This project aims to produce an extensible, open-source software tool to calculate water footprints of agricultural activities across variable regions of interest. The tool will incorporate the wealth of environmental data available in California and establish methods that allow for application in novel regions. Informed water management is essential, as increasing pressures are placed on global freshwater supplies, and water footprints are one of many means that can assist with data-driven decision making.

Water Rights Study Featured in NY Times Editorial

Our Environmental Research Letters paper ( Grantham & Viers 2014 ) was highlighted by the Editorial Board of the New York Times discussing how to improve California's water situation.

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