Modeling Economic Impacts of Environmental Flows in California's Yuba River Watershed

Managing rivers is becoming more challenging with increasing demand for better environmental flow regimes, just as demand for water for hydropower and water supply are increasing and water supplies are changing due to climate change. Restoration of freshwater ecosystems, such as in the Yuba...

Comparative Analyses of Ecological Integrity Indices as Applied to Waters of the Mokelumne River Watershed

Freshwater resources and ecosystems are globally impaired by human activities and acutely
stressed throughout California, including the rivers and streams of the Sierra Nevada. We
assessed the condition of the Mokelumne River, a representative watershed located in the

Combined Effects of Reservoir Operations and Climate Warming on the Flow Regime of Hydropower Bypass Reaches of California's Sierra Nevada

Alterations to flow regimes from regulation and climatic change both affect the biophysical functioning of rivers over long time periods and large spatial areas. Historically, however, the effects of these flow alteration drivers have been studied separately. In this study, results from...

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