Publication Date: 
July 2003
Ramirez, CM, JH Viers, JF Quinn, ML Johnson, JH Johnson, and NB Kalman. 2003. Geospatial Risk Assessment of North Coast Watersheds in California. 2003 ESRI International User Conference Proceedings. San Diego, CA.

Researchers at the Information Center for the Environment (ICE) are using ArcGIS to inventory and monitor environmental risks to California’s north, coastal watersheds. In collaboration with state agencies, ICE has created a comprehensive GIS for selected watersheds in which water quality improvement and endangered species recovery is paramount. ICE has leveraged hyperspectral imagery, extensive field data, and framework datasets to provide resources managers with single source content to make decisions concerning the environmental risk of landslide potential; alterations in aquatic habitat; and land use change, among many. Our results indicate that a geospatial framework for information brokerage is critical for assessing land use decisions at a watershed scale.