The precision irrigation project led by UC Merced Professor Stefano Carpin was featured in Engadget~! VICE Lab is assisting with UAV deployment and multisensor data gathering. Vineyards are ideal testbeds for robotic solutions to complex navigation and task assignments. These breakthroughs in agricultural technology are the focus of UC Merced's emerging focus on San Joaquin Valley problems at the coupled human-environment interface.



Three VICE Lab researchers got the opportunity to work with James Fitzgerald from the UC Davis Bodega Bay Marine Lab, taking his Motorboat Operator Training Course.

James Fitzgerald is the standing UC Davis Boat Safety Officer, and was instrumental in teaching our VICE Lab researchers the basics of boat mechanics, nagivation, knot tying, and general water safety. James parters with local UC Davis students and staff as well as UC Davis Bodega Bay firefighters to run this program, offering unique learning opportunities including how to run rescue drills, form huddles in water (see...


The Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) recently awarded the 2017 BRIDGE Fellowship to Dr. Daniel Nover from UC Merced’s School of Engineering. The BRIDGE Fellowship is designed to build collaborations between American scientists and engineers who have been funded by JSPS in the past with Japanese researchers at qualifying universities. Dr. Nover will spend October as a visiting fellow in the Yamashiki Lab at Kyoto University where he will work to build...


Our research in California's Delta, specifically the newly flooded McCormack-Williamson Tract, as well research on the Cosumnes and Mokelumne Rivers, was highlighted in the New York Times!


VICE Lab's Lorenzo Booth was recently highlighted for his research supported by UC Water, where he picked up the 2016 AWRA GIS Speciality Conference student poster award (and a fat check!). 


Our newly published paper in Conservation Letters was featured in the UCANR Blog "The Confluence". The full paper can be found here: Grantham, T., K. Fesenmyer, R. Peek, E. Holmes, A. Bell, R. Quiñones, N. Santos, J. Howard, J. Viers, and P. Moyle. 2016. Missing the boat on freshwater fish conservation in California....


Matt joined VICE lab as a junior specialist in the fall of 2016. He graduated from California State University, Stanislaus in May 2016 with a B.S. in geology. His prior research experience includes collection of geophysical data in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and conducting GIS analyses to assist paleontological research in California’s Central Valley.


He currently supports the study of Northeast Delta restoration benefits through the development of novel high resolution water quality and bathymetric mapping methods and assisting in field data collection. Matt’s...


Russ Faux from Quantum Spatial showcased recent developments in Bathymetric LiDAR with applications to freshwater habitat mapping.


The American Society of Civil Engineers has accepted two Vicelab papers for publication in the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management.

The first is a technical paper, Climate-adaptive Water Year Typing for Instream Flow Requirements in California's Sierra Nevada, authored by David E. RheinheimerSarah Null, and Joshua Viers.

The second is a case study, ​Simulation Modeling to Secure Environmental Flows in a Diversion Modified Flow Regime, ...


UC Water and UC Davis Climate Change, Water, and Society IGERT PhD candidate Alison Whipple has worked in the California Delta for many years, producing the San Francisco Estuary Institute's important and beautiful book titled Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Historical Ecology Study. In March 2016 that experience paid off. Whipple was awarded a...